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2022 ATA Local 60 Scholarship Winners

$2000 Education Scholarship

Charlie Young

$2000 Child of an ATA Local #60 Member

Jack Lerouge

As a student of HHHS, Charlie has been an active member of many of her schools’ sports programs. She has played volleyball, basketball, badminton and participated in track and field.  She has also played Ringette at an Elite level. She has been an honors student throughout high school and takes her academics very seriously. Charlie intends to pursue a Bachelor of Education degree from Red Deer Polytechnic so that she can give back to students as her teachers gave to her. Charlie is an inspiring and passionate young woman who is excited to share her knowledge and passion with future students.

Jack is graduating this year from LTCHS. He is the epitome of a well-rounded student. He is a top academic student, volunteers at school and in the community, is a member of his school’s student council, plays the piano and has participated in a number of sports teams both at school and in the community. He has attended Skills Canada several times, competing in the Culinary Field and placed well every time. He intends to pursue a Psychology Degree starting at Red Deer Polytechnic and then moving on to the University of Alberta. He is inspired to use his future skills in Psychology to aid those suffering from mental illness. Jack will without a doubt; leave his mark on the world!

 $1500 Child of an ATA Local #60 Member

Coen Good

Coen is graduating this year from LTCHS and plans on attending Camosun College in Victoria where he will study Science and play volleyball. He is a dedicated athlete and has worked extremely hard academically. He has volunteered in both his school and the community.  He is an active member of his schools’ grad exec and coaches volleyball to children over the summer. He has a passion for the outdoors and wants to improve the environmental footprint we leave on the world.  Coen is a great example of a student who can manage sports, academics and volunteerism. There is no doubt that his passion will lead to great things!

$1500 Child of an ATA Member
Carmen Wirtanen
Carmen is graduating this year from LTCHS and was involved in a variety of activities both at school and in the community. She is a dedicated athlete and has competed on a number of teams, including cross-country, volleyball, basketball, handball and track and field. She has had academic success throughout high school earning honors every year. Carmen wishes to pursue a career in Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Alberta. She is passionate about creating sustainable environments in hopes of improving the world around us. Carmen uses her spare time to volunteer at school in the athletics program. We wish her all the success!
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