Teacher Welfare Committee (TWC)

Formerly known as the Economic Policy Committee, (EPC) meets the 4th Wednesday of every month at Hunting Hills High School in Room 2300 (4 pm). If you are interested in attending or want more information please contact Elizabeth LaRose at twc.local60@gmail.com.

Instructional Time Calculators


Below you will find valuable information for ATA Members to calculate their time for Instructional and Assignable Hours.  You will be required to login to the Provincial ATA Website. Please see below on how to get a login, if you do not have one.

Member Involvement


Below you will find valuable information for ATA Members to know and do. Please note all information from the Alberta Teachers Association website is available to the public. You may be required to login to the Provincial ATA Website. Please see below on how to get a login.

  • ATA Website & ATA Login

In order to fully access the ATA website and its resources, you will need to sign up at the ATA website. It is important that the ATA and your local TWC have an email address for you that is different from your Red Deer Public School District one. For more details, click below. (Updated - May 2019)

  • Bargaining and the Collective Agreement

Our current Collective Agreements are being negotiated. There are 3 stages in the bargaining process: 

  • Stage 1List Bargaining: What topics are bargained and at what table?

    • Bargaining 2020-x: This process in happening now.

    • Bargaining 2018-2020: This stage has been completed.

  • Stage 2: Central Table Bargaining

    • Bargaining 2018: This stage has been completed and the Memorandum of Agreement 2018-2020. Please visit the provincial ATA website for more details.

    • Stage 3: Local Table Bargaining. Click here are FAQ's about the process under Bill 8, the Public Education Collective Bargaining Act.

      • Bargaining 2018-2020: Completed Jan 2020. Click here for the Collective Agreement 2018-2020 ​


For more information please click the link below about the bargaining process. If you have any questions, please contact our TWC chair, Elizabeth LaRose (twc.local60@gmail.com)

What is the TWC?


  • The Teacher Welfare (formerly Economic Policy) Committee negotiates the Collective Agreement and monitors the application of its clauses.

  • This committee’s mandate is to gather and study all data relevant to amendments to the Collective Agreement and to prepare and present these proposed amendments to the Executive Committee for recommendation to the Council of School Representatives for approval.

Types of Contracts

  • Collective Agreements are formed between the Alberta Teachers Association and their Locals and the Government of Alberta.

  • Contracts are different than our Collective Agreement, which is between the government and the Alberta Teachers Association. Contracts, such as Temporary, Probationary and Continuing) are between you, the teacher, and your employer, in this case, Red Deer Public Schools.

  • Click here to read more.