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FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

The collective agreement outlines the negotiated salaries and benefits provided to all teachers. It has a start and end date and is renegotiated by the teachers and school board at the conclusion.  However, our past two contracts also included a provincially negotiated framework.  A teaching contract is solely between the teacher and the board, outlining the type of contract (continuing, temporary or probation) and the Full Time Equivalency (FTE). 

For more information about types of contracts, click here.

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What is the difference between our collective agreement and my personal contract? Does the end of the collective agreement mean I don't have a contract with Red Deer Public School District?

Barb Melhorn. You can email her at and you can send her your forms through interschool mail with her name at Central Office.


Click here for the PD Claim Form (Updated Jan 2018).


Click here for the Mileage Chart.

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Who do I contact to check my Professional Development (PD) or Clause 14 Funds?

We are currently in the bargaining process.  The are 2 major parts of bargain, Central (which involves the Government, School Boards and the provincial ATA) and Local Bargaining (which involves mostly School Boards and their Local ATA). For more information click one the TWC & Bargaining Tab above.

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What is the status of our current contract?
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No. According to the ATA Professional Code of Conduct Section 8 and 19.


Section 8 states "the teacher protests the assignment of duties for which the teacher is not qualified or conditions which make it difficult to render professional service."


Section 19 states "the teacher does not engage in activities which adversely affect the quality of the teacher's professional service.

For more information about the ATA Professional Code of Conduct, click here.

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Am I required to participate or run any extracurricular activities as part of my employment?
Why can't the ATA do anything when I called to complain about the actions of my principal?

The nature of the principal teacher relationship is guided by labour law and the School Act.  However, should a teacher be concerned with their teaching assignment or evaluations, it is important to contact Member Services of the ATA (1-800-232-7208) to receive advice and assistance in resolving issues.

When does sick leave and maternity leave start and end?

Maternity leave starts the "actual date of delivery." Sick leave starts anytime before the "actual date of delivery." Mothers are entitled to 16 weeks of maternity leave and 62 weeks of parental leave (Time and Employment Insurance). You must give at least 6 weeks notice before you leave and at least 4 weeks notice of return.


For more information here is the link for the ATA information booklet.

For more information on Sick Leave and Extended Disability Benefits click here.


If you want further information, please call Teacher Welfare of the ATA (1-800-232-7208).


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