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ATA Local 60 News

Teacher Voice Committee Highlights
  • Each school had a teacher representative that meets on a regular basis with the ATA Local 60 president and senior administration, including our superintendent, Stu Henry.

  • The main purpose of Teacher Voice:

  1. To increase positive communication between teachers and senior administration

  2. To identify key issues and/or opportunities in the district

  3. To help problem solve identified matters

Policy Changes to Counselling and Guidance Services
  • Click here for information about the policy changes to 4.03.04 with respect to Counselling and Guidance Services. Attached you'll find a Feedback form as well

  • Click here for the previous policy.

The Face of Education

Click below to see the ATA's current social media campaign

Diversity, Equity, and Human Rights (DEHR)
Important Reads
Blue Ribbon Panel on Inclusive Education in Alberta Schools
  • Prompted by ongoing concerns about the state of inclusion in Alberta schools, the 2013 Annual Representative Assembly of the Alberta Teachers’ Association (ATA) passed a resolution to strike the Blue Ribbon Panel on Inclusive Education in Alberta Schools in order to provide an arm’s-length investigation and subsequent report on this topic of critical importance.


What is it?
  • In the case of the Local 60 group, the Committee is an ongoing Ad Hoc committee which is mandated to protect the rights of staff and students regarding the three pillars: diversity, equity, and human rights.


  • Want to learn more? Click here or contact our DEHR Chair, Tania Diletzoy  through RDPSD mail.

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